Religious Congregation of Sisters


The congregation was founded on 2nd August, 1871 at Angers, France, by Sr. Mary of the Cross and Fr. John Chrysostom OFM Cap. who was the spiritual director. Making the Eucharistic Christ the source and the centre of the contemplation and of their mission. Throughout the world, the sisters devote themselves to the education of youth, medical relief, catechesis, institutes in both rural and urban areas.

Houses in the Diocese

  • St. Mary’s Convent , Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001.Ph : 0145-2422227, 2429842.
  • Kota Stone Mariam Hospital, Ramganj Mandi, Kota Dt. Rajasthan. 326519. Ph : 07459-220190, 220090.
  • St. Mary’s School, C/o K.S.M. Hospital, Ramganj Mandi, Kota Dt. Rajasthan. 326519. Ph : 07459-221768.
  • St. Mary’s Convent, Mikhelpura, via Ramganj Mandi, Kota Dt. Rajasthan. 326530. Ph: 07459 – 234102

History: The institute was formed in Ajmer in 1906 by the first Bishop of Ajmer, Rt. Rev. Fortunatus Henry Caumont OFM Cap. to promote the work of evangelization. The special aim of evangelization is to help Missionary priests in their apostolate. The Sisters carry out their apostolate through visiting villages, imparting education and conducting dispensaries, hospitals and social works.

Houses in the Diocese

  • Christ Raja Ashram, Madar, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305024. Ph : 0145-2670560, 2671674. (Juniorate, Novitiate, Postulancy)
  • Candidate House, Kusumia School, Madar, Ajmer.Rajasthan. 305024 Ph : 0145-2671028.
  • Kusumia School, Bethania, Madar, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305024. Ph : 0145-2670867(S),2671028(R)
  • Asha Bhawan, Home for disabled children, Near Kusumia School, Madar, Ajmer. 305024 Ph: 0145 – 2671348
  • St. Francis School. Alwar Gate, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305008. Ph : 0145-2660927.
  • Holy Family Hospital, Mayo Link Road, Bhatta, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305008. Ph:0145-660112,661940.
  • St. Theresa’s Maternity Home, Ladpura, via Gagwana, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305023. Ph : 0145-2787547.
  • St. Maria Goretti Maternity Home, Narbatkhera, Beawar P.O., Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305905.Ph : 01462 – 287306.
  • Nirmala School, Kota Jn. Rajasthan. 342002. Ph : 0744-2503383 (R), 2440466(S).
  • Carmel Ashram, c/o Abdul Waheed Memorial Hospital, Gordhanpura- Kotari, Kota. Rajasthan. 24001. Ph 0744-2364527.
  • Holy Family Hospital, Borkhera Road, Kota. Rajasthan. 324007. Ph : 0744-2331322.
  • PSA. Ashram, St. Paul’s School, New Civil Lines, Baran, Rajasthan.325205. Ph : 07453-236393.
  • St. Joseph’s Maternity Home, Satelkheri, Ramganjmandi P.O., Kota. Rajasthan. 326519.
  • Nirmala School, Mt. Abu. Rajasthan. 307501. Ph : 02974-38483.
  • P.S.A. Sisters, C/o St. Paul’s School, P.B. No. 2, Sirohi. Rajasthan. 307001. Ph : 02972-30191.
  • PSA. Ashram, St. Paul’s School, Shivkar Road, PB. 10, Barmer. Rajasthan. 244001. Ph : 02982-226636.

History: The Congregation was founded on 26th April, 1911 by the first Bishop of Ajmer, Rt. Rev. Henry Fortunatus Caumont in collaboration with his sister Mother MaryMatilda, to help the Missionaries in their apostolate in Rajasthan. The aim of the Congregation is nothing else than Redemption. Their field of activities is mainly among non-christians.

Houses in the Diocese : St. FRANCIS’S Province

  • St. Francis Province, Bopa Ka Bara, Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145 – 2632248.
  • Divine Mercy House, Sophia School, Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2623536.
  • Sophia Sr. Sec. School. Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2420443(Sec.), 2424159(Pri.)
  • MSA SASVIKA CENTRE, Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2621466.
  • Sophia College, Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2623243(C), 2623243(R).
  • St. Martin De Porres Dispensary & School, Mirshali, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001.
  • Sophia Hindi Medium School, Mayo Link Road, Bhatta Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305008. Ph : 0145-2660988(R), 2662640
  • St. Francis Hospital, Beawar Road, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2423925, 2422925, 2431327.
  • St. Joseph’s Welfare & Maternity Home, Parbatpura. Makhupura P.O, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305002 Ph : 0145-2695352.
  • St. Michael’s Welfare Centre, Kesarpura, Saradhna P.O., Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305206. Ph : 0145-2782269.
  • St. Clare Dispensary & Maternity Home, Bhawanikhera, via Nasirabad, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305401. Ph : 01491-288213.
  • Nirmal Kalyan Kendra, Kanakheri, Srinagar P.O., Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305025. 01491-286203.
  • Shanti Sadan, Gagwana. Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305023. Ph : 0145-2787291.
  • Prem Sadan Social Welfare Centre, Hathikhera Village, Off Foy Sagar Road, Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305001. Ph : 0145-2600865.
  • Mission Sisters C/o St. Paul’s School, Outside Mewari Gate, Beawar. Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305901. Ph : 01462-224264
  • Mission Sisters C/o St. Paul’s School, Kekri Road, Bijainagar. Dist. Ajmer. Rajasthan. 305624.Ph : 01462-232745
  • Mission Sisters’ House, St. Anselm’s School, Ambaji Industrial Area,Abu Road. Rajasthan. 307026. Ph : 02974-235023.
  • Sophia High School, Mt. Abu. Rajasthan. 307501.Ph : 02974-38990, 37225.

Houses in the Diocese : St. CLARE’S Province

  • St. Clare’s Provincial House,Sophia School, Kota Jn. Rajasthan. 324001. Ph : 0744-2465767.
  • Sophia School, Kota Jn. Rajasthan. 324002. Ph : 0744-2465712.
  • Sophia School, Vallabhnagar, Kota. Rajasthan. 324007. Ph : 0744 – 2502235, 2503347 (Res.), 2503086 (S)
  • Abdul Waheed Memorial Hospital, Kaithoon, Kota Dt. Rajasthan. 325001. Ph : 0744 – 2844266.
  • Mission Sisters C/o St. Paul’s School, Pali. Rajasthan. 306001. Ph : 02932-256600.
  • St. Patrick’s Vidhya Bhawan, Jodhpur. Rajasthan. 342001.Ph : 0291-2431784.

History: The Society is an international Religious Family founded at Calcutta on 7th October, 1950. Its aim is to quench the infinite thirst of Jesus Christ for Love by the profession of Charity, Poverty, Obedience and wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor.
In the Diocese they began work in Jaipur in February, 1980

Houses in the Diocese :

  • M C Sisters, 62, Sardarpura Club Scheme, Jodhpur. Rajasthan. 342001. Ph : 0291-2640177.
  • M C Sisters, Mala Road, Kota, Rajasthan. 324002. Ph : 0744-2460083

History: The congregation was founded on 10th December, 1908 in Kerala. It became a Pontifical Congregation on 11th February, 1968. The charism of the congregation is to know, live, imitate and adore the Eucharistic Lord. In the Diocese they began work in Sriganganagar in Oct.1984

Houses in the Diocese :

  • Adoration Convent C/o Bishop’s House, Kaiserganj, Ajmer . Rajasthan. 305 001. Ph: 0145 – 2463189

History: The Congregation was started on 14th December, 1888 at Changanacherry and spread all over subsequently.In the Diocese they began work in Suratgarh in Oct. 1988.

Houses in the Diocese :

  • FCC Regional House, St. Anthony’s Convent School, Kudi Bhagtasani, Jodhpur, 342003 Phone: 0291 2402093
  • C/o St. Paul’s School, PB. 39. Near FCI Godown, Chittor Road, Bundi. Rajasthan. 323001. Ph : 0747-2442391.

History: The Congregation started on 19th March, 1927 in Aluva. The members devote themselves to the care of the sick and the poor. In the Diocese they began work in Jaisalmer in 1993.

Houses in the Diocese :

  • C/o St. Paul’s School, Air Force Road, Jaisalmer. Rajasthan. 345001. Ph : 02992-250681

History: The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne was founded in Spain. In 1951, the sisters came to India. They serve the people through hospitals, dispensaries, schools, hostels, home for the aged etc. Sr. Yovana (Superior), Sr. Goretti (Headmistress) and Sr. Saroj came to Jodhpur 0n 11th June 2000, with their Rprovincial, Sr. Pushpa Paul, and Sr. Fausta. On 30th June, 2000, the Bishop blessed their rented house and school building. The school began on 1st July, 2000 with 15 children.

Houses in the Diocese :

  • Pilar Convent School, Gangana Village, Pal Road,, Jodhpur. Rajasthan. 342001. Ph : 0291 – 2745878

History: This society was founded in Austria by Carl Dinkhauser SJ. In 1936. On the 3rd January, 1953, it was made a Secular Institute. The members of this institute are unmarried women who desire to live an apostolic life in the world. They work on their own.Their life is one of total dedication. according to the Evangelical Counsels of Charity, Poverty and Obedience. In the diocese we have three members of this association.
Contact person: Miss Muriel Schooner. Ph.: 0291- 2434053

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